Stress Counselling

What is Stress Counselling?
Stress counselling is a form of practical psychological professional help. It is not therapy but it helps you to make use of your own powers to deal with any problems you may encounter in a better way. The stress counselor does not try to make changes to your personality.

The counselor helps you to tackle a problem where a solution needs to be found for external circumstances which are getting in your way. Not all problems can be solved, in which case the counselor will help you to come to terms with the situation.
The aim of counselling is to help you to improve your quality of life.
Who can benefit from stress counselling?

What is the procedure?
You can make an appointment for an intake interview at my practice. During this interview you can discuss your problem with me. If it transpires that I am the right person to help you we will then make a subsequent appointment. It is possible that I may refer you to a different professional helper if I think that this will be more beneficial to you.

Everything that is discussed during the sessions is private. As stress counsellor I am bound by a duty of confidentiality. Apart from that, I attach a great deal of importance to my clients’ privacy.
How long is a session and what are the costs?
A counselling session lasts one hour and costs € 85,-, which will be required to be paid in cash. A number of insurers (partly) reimburse the cost of the sessions. Please inquire with your insurance agency. 
More information
For more information, please contact me via this e-mail form or by telephone: 06 105 900 31