To be confronted with an illness as severe and with such a big impact on your life as pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer can be overwhelming. First the medical route, finding out what exactly is going on followed by the diagnosis. Even having the diagnosis, it’s still not clear what your life will look like, what is still possible and what not. A new balance needs to be found. In addition, there is the loss of your health and plans about the future which need to be adjusted. Your partner, children and family also need to get used to the new situation. There’s confusion, because “you look well”.  

So little is known yet about pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer. The Alvleeskliervereniging Nederland (the Dutch Pancreas association) dedicates itself to inform both patients and physicians about this illness. In addition, it supports patients, for example, by means of a telephone helpline where questions about the illness are answered.


I offer you emotional support. There is space to express your feelings, how do you deal with the new situation, how do you deal with ignorance of the people around you, how do you determine and set your boundaries, how do you control your energy level? These are just a few examples of topics that may come up during a session, there is room for whatever comes up.

In addition, I offer support to your partner, any children and other family members who are confronted with a partner, father, mother, brother or sister who is no longer the person they knew. How does this affect them?


How does it work?

You can contact me to make an appointment. This can be via telephone: 06 105 900 31 or via this e-mail form .

A counselling session lasts one hour and costs € 85. A number of insurers partly reimburse the cost of the sessions from the aanvullende verzekering. Please check under the tab ‘Links’ and ‘vergoedingen’ whether your insurance company does. In case the insurance company does not reimburse part of your session and the money is a problem for you, we can talk about the fee.


If you are unable to come to my practice, we can discuss the possibility of me coming to your house or visit you in hospital. Skype sessions are also an option.