Energy Healing

All humans and other living creatures consist of a body and an energy field.
The energy field is not something that is separate from you, it is you. The
body is a manifestation of the human energy field. When the energy field
is out of balance it causes a disorder in the body. You can look at it as follows:
the energy field flows, is always moving just like a river. Certain events in
your life, certain (negative) thought forms you have can throw a twig in the
energy flow. After a while these twigs get tangled and the flow has to around
them, at one point so many twigs get stuck together that the energy flow
stops. Blocks are created, these can result in phycial and/or psychological
complaints, a feeling a listlessness and not knowing what to do with your life.
By means of Energy Healing these blocks can be removed and the energy
will be able to flow again. 
How long does a session last and what are the costs?
The first session is one hour and a half and costs € 120,-. Subsequent sessions take about one hour and cost € 85,-. When combined with
counselling it will take an hour and a half and costs € 120,-. Some insurers
will reimburse (part) of the fee, depending on your insurance. Please check
with your insurer.