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Information for children to read themselves or have read out to them
When you think you need help because something is bothering you and you want to try to solve your problem, you can come to me. 
A lot of children are bothered by:

What is bothering you?
Do you want to do something about that unpleasant feeling that is bothering you? Or do you think that it’s your father’s, mother’s, brother’s, sister’s or someone else’s problem? Even then you may still be able to do something about it.

What is it like to come to me, how does it work?

You can tell me what is bothering you and together we will see what we can do about it. First we will talk, I have many fluffy toys that we can play with and if you want you can draw of do some handicrafts. After a little while you can lay on the table, this is a soft table that is comfortable to lie on. You keep your clothes on, I will only ask you to take off your shoes and if you wear a belt to take that off as well. Then I will feel with my hands where the energy does not flow well with you.

What does it mean when the energy does not flow well? That means that somewhere in you energy field there are blocks. You may think "what is an energy field and what are blocks?" You body consists of many small cells, these cells are energy. Energy vibrates, the slower the energy vibrates the harder something becomes, a stone for example is also energy, energy that vibrates slowly. Your cells also vibrate. You energy field vibrates faster than your cells or a stone, that is why usually you cannot see it clearly. But it is there. Some adults and children can see the energy field, they then see colours. Some people can feel the energy field. I can feel it and that is why I can also feel where it does not vibrate that well, where it stops. The energy then does not flow and there is a block. Because I can work with energy I can lessen the block or even remove it, letting the energy flow again.

Blocks can come when you have problems, when you have unpleasant thoughts that do not go away or when you are ill or have broken something or something like that. By talking about these things with me and by receiving a healing (that is what it is called when I work on your energy field) problems can change and your body can recover more quickly.

For children who can sense energy fields (auras) or other things, who sometimes already know what is going to happen, who can sense how other people are feeling and more, it is possible to talk about that with me and see how you can deal with that.

If your parents agree to you coming… what will happen then?
The first time your parents will come and meet me to tell me what they think the problem is.
The second time you will come along and your mother and/or father will go off to do something for themselves while you and I talk. Then you can tell me what the matter is if you want to. After an hour your mother and/or father will come back to pick you up again.
This will go on for a few times and then your mother and/or father will come to talk to me again about how things are going with you. Of course I will talk with you first about what I am allowed to tell them.
Usually I talk to your father and/or mother about how they can help you, because they often don’t yet know how to do that.
Who am I?
My name is Eef, I’ve studied to help children who have problems or who feel sad or angry or have other unpleasant feelings, so that they can feel better again. I have also learned to work with energy and to let the energy flow again when there are blocks.
If you want to talk about your problems or unpleasant feelings or other stuff with me, you can ask your parents to make an appointment.

Youth Page

Why this separate page? Because people between 12 and 18 years old do not really fall under the category of child therapy anymore and also not completely under that of counselling for adults.

It is especially the fact that your age group falls between childhood and adulthood that can cause problems. Some people find it hard to let go of childhood and to take the step to adulthood. Sometimes, however, it is also difficult for the parents when you take this step and this can cause you to have a problem.
During this period in your life you have to deal with a lot of changes. You leave primary school and go on to secondary school and then on to college or university or you find a job. Your body seems to be out of control now and again because of growth spurts and hormones. You have to meet all kinds of demands: school, coping with fellow students, teachers, colleagues, your own parents, step or foster parents, brothers, sisters, friends etc.
It is therefore not so strange that it sometimes becomes too much for you to cope with. When you notice that this ‘sometimes’ changes into ‘often’ or ‘almost always’, it may be time to talk to someone about what is bothering you and about things which you don’t know how to deal with on your own.
Counselling is very suitable for that. It is not a form of therapy, but it helps you to gain insight into what exactly is going on and how to deal with that.
What kind of situations can be problematic for you? You may think of something like: losing someone you know, for example, due to death, divorce or moving house. Not being able to keep up with your schoolwork, or on the contrary being bored with it. Having difficulty with functioning in a group situation, you would rather hide and not draw any attention to yourself. Maybe you are being bullied or you find it hard not to be a bully yourself. Are your parents too demanding or do they think you’re stupid and cannot do anything right? Are you lonely? Don’t you know whether you like boys or girls and is that a problem for you? Do you often not feel well and the doctor can’t find anything wrong with you or are you chronically ill and is that a problem for you?
These are just a few examples of situations which can have a major impact on your life.
Do you want to know whether counselling is something that can benefit you, then ask your parents if you can make an appointment. We will then discuss whether I am the right person to help you. Sometimes I may suggest that you see a different professional helper if that would be more beneficial to you.

It is important for you to know that all talks we have are in private, I will not pass on any information to anyone, that includes your parents or teachers. Everyone is entitled to privacy and that includes you!
Do you have any questions? Call me at: 06 105 900 31 (Eef) or mail me by filling in this form.