Integrative Child Therapy

What is Integrative Child Therapy?
Integrative child therapy is a form of therapy in which the child’s problems can be approached in various ways. This largely depends on which form of therapy is best suited to the child’s needs; the form of therapy is adjusted to the child and not the other way round. The child therapist investigates, by means of a combination of talks, playing, drama and creative activities, the cause of the complaint and the symptoms which arise from these complaints. After this ‘exploration phase’ a decision is made about the best way to help the child. The child therapist teaches the child to make use of its own possibilities and therefore to rely on itself. This will improve the child’s self-confidence and the child will therefore be better able to tackle any problems which may come its way in the future.
Who can benefit from Integrative Child Therapy?
Children who

What is the procedure?
After the first contact (usually by telephone) an appointment is made for the first meeting. This intake interview is held with the parents alone. Before your initial visit you will have received a questionnaire which you are asked to complete and return to me. The answers on this questionnaire enable me to already form an image of your child’s development up until now, so that the interview can be more specific.
During the intake interview we will discuss your experiences with the child’s complaint. After that follows the exploration phase, this consists of 5 sessions (1 x per week) with the child where I will investigate the child’s difficulties and decide on which form of treatment might be appropriate.

After this exploration phase we will have a meeting about the treatment plan and the further course of the therapy. Depending of the duration of the treatment and the kind of complaint we will have a parent meeting after every 5th session in which the progress of the treatment will be discussed and, if necessary, advice given.
The sessions with the children are private, this means that the child has the freedom to say anything he or she wants without having to be afraid that this will be ‘passed on’. I will discuss the course of the process with the parents. Sometimes the child will ask me to discuss certain matters with his or her parents.
How long does the session take and what are the costs?
A session/parent meeting lasts for one hour and costs € 80,--, which will be required to be paid in cash. Some insurers (partly) refund the cost of the session. Please inquire with your insurance agency. 
More information
For more information, please contact me via this e-mail form or by telephone: 06 105 900 31